My crazy world of words

Words always has been a form of escape to me. Those who can paint has always fascinated me. How someone could create a world and people and tell a whole story in a piece of canvas always fascinated me. But I fell head over heals in love with words. In painting one can show how beautiful rain is, but in words, the writer can drench you in rain, as they take you into their world and let you experience their world first hand.

I remember the very first book that swept my soul off its feet and took me to a magical world of owls, flying cars, trolls, dragons, sphinx and all things magical. It was the first book I ever connected with. That book is one of the reason that I started writing and writing liberated me at a very young age like no other.

Sometime, writing helped me go through some difficult times. I could always find my salvation with words: whether it be writing or reading. Words, they always seem to tell me exactly what I wanted to hear. They told me to hold my head high and not give up when I saw no hope; They told me to let go of those who are pulling me down, when I put someone’s happiness before mine; they told me I was not weak to breakdown, but strong enough to pick up the pieces and build myself all over again.

That is why I wanted to write, I want to create worlds that someone would someday find their home in like I once found. I want to create characters that people can relate with, like I connected with my favorite characters. I have been enjoying the wonderful world of words for so long now, by finding friends, exploring new worlds, laughing and crying with my favorite characters and finding a home in so many worlds. Now I have decided to contribute to the the world that has given me so much and I am starting now and starting it here. So wish me luck.

There is no friend as loyal as a book – Ernest Hemingway

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