It’s Ok….

I have been told,

“You have to make adjustment for a relationship to last”

“You have to make compromises for your family” “

“You have to learn to adjust to the fact that the world is not fair”

“You shouldn’t be upset or get depressed over not getting something. life happens”

I don’t get it. Since when did giving in became normal? why does it make me weak when I get upset over something that didn’t go right for me? Since when did they normalise others deciding my terms and conditions for my happiness?

Does the people who tell me this are living with these kind of adjustments and compromises that are not worth anything or are they just hypocrites?

Why does happiness had to be measured with what someone have? Why does success have to be measured by what they have earned, money, fame, power or otherwise? Who even defined this? And who taught us to believe that?

I may not know the answer for that, but what I do know is:

It is not ok to adjust, It is not ok to endure, It is not ok to feel weak for feeling something deep from your heart. Every one of us deserve a chance to be happy, deserve a chance to fight for it, deserve a chance to feel happy about small victories and sad about losing something that may look worthless to others. It’s OK.

You don’t have to be someone or have something to be successful or happy. What makes you happy is what makes you happy. Why let someone define that for you? Life is as simple as it gets. I don’t get why we have to make it complicated. All you need in life to be successful is to manage to be happy and be content with yourself. THAT is the real success.

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