Dear Dad,

You lifted me up and gave me wings and asked me to measure the sky and beyond.

You mended my wounds and told my scars were beautiful when I broke my wings.

You gave me strength and made me smile.

I’ve come so far from the shy little girl who hugged your legs.

I flew high and far and someday I might touch the stars or even the sun,

But I will always be your little girl.

Happy father’s day to the man who set impossibly high standards for how a man should treat the women in their lives.


Red in the Sea of Black

You were alone and scared,

You wanted to silence the voices in your head,

You wanted to be the puzzle that fit for once,

So you tried and changed hence,

You were scared of the colours on your back,

Oh but honey… you were a red in the sea of black.

If you could see you through my eyes you’ll know,

That you have more beauty than you show.