She wrote because…

She wrote because there were things she couldn’t say,

She wrote because there were things that nobody would listen,

She wrote because not everything she said was understood,

She wrote because it is not always alright to scream,

She wrote because her world was beyond spoken words,

She wrote because, she was never strong enough to trust,

She wrote because it was her escape for safety,

She wrote because, words are all she had.



Life is an adventure for those who dream,

Life is a story with a prologues and an epilogue for those who read and write,

Life is a melody for those who have music in their hearts,

Life is a battle for those who fight,

Life is a burden for those who have lost their most valuable…

But for me,

Life is the in-between space.

The nano second of silence between two rising waves,

The lingering light between day and twilight,

The clinging rain drops in trees after a downpour,

The extra five minutes of sleep after the alarm goes off,

The lingering feeling of farewell after finishing a book,

The second cup of coffee in the morning for that extra kick up.

So, that is life for me:

The whole story and the lines in between.


The World is still a Beautiful Place

Have you ever wondered that every thing that has been taught to us as kids were nothing but lies?

Being polite will not earn you friends but only ensure that you will be used and treated like a doormat?¬†Getting good grades alone will not guarantee a perfect life? Being kind to strangers won’t make you stronger but more vulnerable for them to cheat you? Love is not exactly something pure, forgiving and everlasting but to there is cheating and manipulation involved? And most of all, growing up doesn’t means your life gets better, but its the other way around?

Also, have any one noticed that as we become parents, we teach our kids the same thing, feed them the same lies? It’s not because we didn’t realize the lie, it’s because we still have hope. Hope that even in this chaos and calamities, there is still beauty in the world. Being polite might earn the smile that they didn’t expect? getting good grades may not give you perfect life, but it might give you opportunities to create your own perfect life? Being kind to a stranger might just make their whole day? Love is not worth it if it isn’t earned? ¬†Life is not about “getting” better but “making” it better?

In my opinion, this is what makes humanity the most beautiful creation of God: Even if we can see only wars and deceit and dishonesty and hate all around us, we never stop having hope, hope that this world can be a beautiful place too, if you know where to look and if you know what to change.

Here is to those who who still believe the world is a beautiful place. I am right there with you.

The most beautiful things in this world cannot be seen or even touched, they must be felt with heart – Helen Keller.